Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions

YourCapital Inc operates as an online financial advisor at www.yourcapital.net. In using this website, you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions:


In order to use the services of YourCapital Inc, you will be required to sign up with the application using a valid email address or a company id and password. You are required to provide YourCapital with accurate registration information. You shall not use the registration information of another person as your own to register with YourCapital. YourCapital Inc reserves the right to cancel the registration if it is identified that such impersonation has taken place. You will notify YourCapital of unauthorized use of your account or a security breach of any other account that you become aware of.

Account Information From Third Party Sites

Using YourCapital's services, Clients can access their financial assets by connecting to third party financial organizations. This service requires that the Client provide YourCapital with the login information to their account with the third party institution. YourCapital does not store this login information but uses it to connect to the third party institution to retrieve information about the Client's account. By using the Service, you hereby grant YourCapital to access your Account Information maintained by identified third parties, on your behalf as your agent. YourCapital will submit information including usernames and passwords that you provide to log you into the third party financial site. You hereby authorize and permit YourCapital to use this information submitted by you to the Service (such as account passwords and user names) to accomplish the foregoing and to configure the Service so that it is compatible with the third party sites for which you submit your information. For purposes of this Agreement and solely to provide the Account Information to you as part of the Service, you grant YourCapital a limited power of attorney, and appoint YourCapital as your attorney-in-fact and agent, to access third party sites, retrieve and use your information with the full power and authority to do and perform each thing necessary in connection with such activities, as you could do in person. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT WHEN YOURCAPITAL IS ACCESSING AND RETRIEVING ACCOUNT INFORMATION FROM THIRD PARTY SITES, YOURCAPITAL IS ACTING AS YOUR AGENT, AND NOT AS THE AGENT OF OR ON BEHALF OF THE THIRD PARTY. You agree that third party account providers shall be entitled to rely on the foregoing authorization, agency and power of attorney granted by you. You understand and agree that the Service is not sponsored or endorsed by any third parties accessible through the Service.


YourCapital's privacy policy can be found at www.yourcapital.net/privacy. The privacy policy of YourCapital has been incorporated in the terms and conditions through this reference link.

Fee and Payments

YourCapital reserves the right to charge fees for certain features or services. The company has the right to change the pricing at any time and incorporate the new charges after providing 10 days of notice to you. This notice can be posted on the Site or be communicated to you via email. Your continued use of the feature or service would constitute an acceptance on your part of the new charges.